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Welcome to Project-Silvermoon Pixel

Site Overview:

Project-Silvermoon is a community database started in June 2006 that provides a Warcraft database for educational use. We were rated #2 in '07 and #1 in 08-09 based on an independent poll of Database Users.We are constantly updating for changes in Core,ScriptDev2,ACID, and many of our own scripts & Fixes. As well as provide a clean,fun,friendly forum to share thoughts and learn the WotLK database structure.

Project-Silvermoon Forum is Back. Feel free to join the community.

Enjoy and have fun!


Founded: June 2006
1st World of Warcraft Burning Crusades Database!
Developing Wrath of the Lich King Database []


All Project-Silvermoon Past and Present: Admin, Moderators, Developers, and Members.

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