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Project-Silvermoon is a 10 year community database project that provides a Warcraft database and forum for educational fun. We were rated #2 in '07 and #1 in 08-09 based on an independent poll of Database Users. We're constantly updating for changes in Core, ScriptDev2, ACID, and many of our own scripts. The project is now supporting Wrath of the Lich King. Our database developers try to get as Bliz-like as possible. We provide a clean, fun site to share and learn WotLK database structure.

Project-Silvermoon Forum is Back. Feel free to come join the community.

Enjoy and have fun!


Founded: June 2006
1st World of Warcraft Burning Crusades Database!
Developing Wrath of the Lich King Database []


All Project-Silvermoon Past and Present: Admin, Moderators, Developers, and Members.

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